Čázevulošnieida – Undervannsjenta, Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2021.

Čázevulošnieida, directly translated to the underwater girl, is an interdisciplinary work of art. The work is both an art installation and a dance art performance based on the Sea Sámi story ‘Undervannsjenta’ and about the world that is both next to, above and below the sea.

The story originates from the sea and coastal Sámi area Nesseby in Sápmi / Finnmark and is located specifically around Ceavccageađge / Mortensnes cultural heritage area by Várjjatvuonna / Varangerfjorden. The project collaborates with the specific landscape and will create new narratives about the Sea Sámi stories from Varanger.
Čázevulošnieida is the daughter of Čáhceháldi - the Sea Guard, a mythical figure, who often acts as the guardian of an area, like the underground people. In a meeting with the fisher boy and the humans, the underwater girl and the fisherboy remind us that in another world, perspectives can be different.

This artwork has researched for the right atmosphere and qualities for the project through interaction, dance and choreography, textiles and costume, scenographer, and architecture, juggling, soundscape and yoik, and vivid, moving drawings. The work is both a dance, a theater, an art installation and a storytelling performance - and can be shown as a performance and an installation. The performance intends to convey a Sea Sámi stories and to provide an experience of inclusion and unity, in a landscape that can be recognized through an interdisciplinary - and cross-aesthetic artistic expression. Although this performance is based on the story of Čázevulošnieida, it will not be worked on narratively. The performance wants to say something about the fact that there are people and cultures that live close to the stories of worlds we do not know very well today.

Subtle sea sounds, yoik, dance and juggling, textiles, living drawings and architecture move together in Čázevulošnieida, and can potentially affect the soul of the sea and man.
The project premiered at the Arctic Arts Festival in Northern Norway, June 2021, and was one of three Open Call projects that was developed in the timeframe 2019-2021. Čázevulošnieida is an interdisciplinary artwork and dance art performance for children between 3-6 years with adults, initiated by artist and choreographer Katarina Skår Lisa in collaboration with Joiker and physical actress: Ingá Márja Sarre, Juggler: Diego Lavin Belda, Costume and textile designer: Ramona Salo Myrseth, Composer-choreographer and musician: Simen Korsmo Robertsen, Visual artist: Tanja Thorjussen, Architect; Don Lawrence.

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