It is late autumn, and we both have had a very hectic autumn behind us. We have participated individually and personally in many trips and events. Individually we were traveling nationally and internationally with our art (amongst others to Japan, Prague and Russia)- and together we travelled and held two seminars and performances, including at PAO-Festival (ROM for art and architecture in Oslo) and in Kilpisjärvi at Ars Bioarctica, an invitation that we received from master's programs in choreography in Norway and Finland to attend as lecturer. Now, in the end of the autumn, we were to attend our last residency for the year, at Fossekleiva Arts and Culture Center.
Fossekleiva Arts and Culture Centre (2019)

We attended PAO-Festival 2019- No silence / No Sound - How to hear a performance with our performance Passing Through Landscapesin the end of November, and our webinar has its name from this title. Katarina has also borrowed this title for a later choreographic enquiry with BA students in dance at The University of Stavanger, autumn 2020.
Passing Through Landscapes was our first collective performance where both of us were performing artists and contributed to the visual expression at the same time. Ramona held focus on the clothing design and Katarina was focusing on the performance outline. The work carried a common thread from previous collaborations and was also to be carried on to our residence at Fossekleiva Arts and Culture Centre the following days. At Fossekleiva, we spent little less than two weeks working on new dimensions of Gift of Stone (shown at Riksscenen Oslo during Oslo International Theatre Festival, March 2020). We also worked with a preliminary project for The Sámi Half Hour. One thing is certain: when Katarina and Ramona are attending residencies together, there are always several projects being worked on at the same time.
Torgrim Halvari was also present during our residence at Fossekleiva, and we took pictures of what can be seen as a development of Gift of Stone at that time. We also worked with textiles and video installed in the beautiful wooden exhibition space in the 2. floor of the cultural centre, which can also be seen as a development of the tactile and performative collaboration in the form of conveying a visual storytelling. The composer and choreographer Simen Korsmo Robertsen made a sound- landscape one of our days, that was played during our working period in the space.

Katarina and Ramona presented a small informal sketch performance + exhibition on the last day of the residence. Ramona was responsible for the installation of rooms and costumes, while Katarina moved in the landscape she imagined was Sáivu - another world in Sámi mythology, where everything is a little better than where we are now. A world embraced in The Sámi Half Hour, the project by Ramona.

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