«Den Samiske Halvtimen», Festspillene i Nord-Norge 2021

“Den Samiske Halvtimen”, translated to english, “The Sámi Half Hour” conveys Sea Sámi and northern Norwegian cultural heritage and identity, landscape and ecology through interdisciplinary collaborations and groundbreaking forms of expression. “Den Samiske Halvtimen” is a collection of travelogues from Sáivu, a magical place where anything can happen.
With dance, fashion, art, poetry, music and stories, the audience is invited on a journey where we explore the space between everyday life and "the other". “Den Samiske Halvtimen” looks at new perspectives on Sámi and talks about the importance of being familiar with its roots in a global context. 

The project received the “Ung Kunst” scholarship from the Arctic Arts Festival. The scholarship is meant to support and co-produce innovative and courageous art projects in all forms and award up to two scholarships each year. The young art scholarship gives young artists the opportunity to develop projects and present their art with a premiere during the Festival in Northern Norway (borrowed from the Arctic Arts website: look at attached link). “Den Samiske Halvtimen” was set for premiere in June 2020, but because of the pandemic, was delayed until July 2021. The performance “Den Samiske Halvtimen” consists of musicians and composers Kajsa Sogn Balto and Simen Korsmo Robertsen, choreographer Katarina Skår Lisa, dancer Zofia Jakubiec and artistic director/designer Ramona Salo Myrseth. Pictures are by photographer Ørjan Marakatt Bertselsen. 

Den samiske halvtimen (SÁ/NO) | Festspillene i Nord-Norge ︎︎︎ festspillnn.no