Cape East Arctic Adventure in Kiberg (Biergi) (2020)

By the summer of 2020, Norway and the world have experienced (almost) half a year with a collective state of emergency due to covid- 19. Travel in connection with work has been reduced and our experience of social time with more people. Covid-19 did have tremendous effect on the world at large. Yet, for those of us who work with place-responsive works in the northern part of Norway/ Sápmi and outdoors, our artistic practices had an even greater chance of anchoring themselves in the various Arctic landscapes we relate to.

Katarina lived approximately a month at Cape East Arctic Adventure in the summer of 2020. A family place her father has taken over and now uses as a place for historical storytelling, tourism, and family gatherings. It is located so far north-east that it is as far east as Istanbul further south. Katarina occasionally uses Cape East Arctic Adventure as her personal residence for artistic exploration and Ramona came on her research stay to celebrate her summer work- and vacation here. Together they visited the eagle mountain in Biergi, Hornøya bird mountain in Vardø (Várggát), went on a fishing trip and experienced whale’s dancing in the Barents Sea. We worked particularly with The Sámi Half Hour, which had its premiere postponed for participation in the Festival in Northern Norway 2020 to 2021, due to the pandemic. During our stay at Cape East Arctic Adventures, we collaborated again with Torgrim Halvari. We arranged a photo shoot as a travel- diary in the primeval rock landscape east towards Hamningberg, where each rock formation poetically weaves itself into Eriophorum scheuchzeri (Snømyrull) and into the reflections from sun, weather, and wind.

During our work period in Biergi, we also found old rugs from Katarina's great-grandmother Signe Henriette Kaspara, which would later become redesigned jackets for the collection of The Sámi Half Hour at Festspillene i Nord- Norge 2021.

Cape East Arctic Adventure is located at Sandsend. Where the sand stops and meet the Barents Sea. There we created videos in the midnight sun while the mosquitoes bit us hard in the face. But the mosquito bites by the sea do not itch that much. At least Katarina thinks so and they are not as many as you can experience longer inland in Finnmark. The videos became small trailers for the project The Sámi Half Hour, which you can see a taste of below (”Small trailers from Biergi“).

A residence like this is a haven for creativity and unfoldment in landscapes we know, but which we can still become better acquainted with over time. Art and culture existing on the land can be seen as bearers of knowledge in many senses - and being close to these knowledges is the greatest humble gift.

︎︎︎Cape East Arctic Adventure
︎︎︎Hornøya bird mountain

Small trailers from Biergi: